Friday, August 26, 2011

The importance of connections

I once posted on facebook a silly joke question asking people to vote on which they thought was more important: talent/skill or having connections/contacts. This started a debate with many passionate views. Obviously, as some said, both are important, but I asked which was more important. Unfortunately meeting and knowing people is required for success in getting your music heard.

Whether you want to be famous or just want to share your stuff, you can't expect to be heard just sitting in your bedroom producing songs and then putting them on one single cd that gets lost. It would be nice if you could make a new song and the whole world just flooded to you in adoration, but you need to get out there and promote yourself. Talk to people when you are out, give samples to everybody, post on Youtube (your song is protected just by being recorded in nearly all cases), attend events, do whatever it takes and somebody might just remember you. However, don't burn your bridges. If you get cocky or are a jerk, people will remember you... and you will promptly stay ignored.

I have only been on Youtube for a few weeks, and have already met some great people and gotten many song views. Since I am a few weeks ahead there of where I am here, I now have a choice when putting out a weekly song. This week's will be simple. The song for an RPG video game battle below.

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