Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reason 6 is Almost Here!

World renowned music software company, Propellerhead, announced that they are going to release the sixth version of their production progam, Reason, at the end of September. I believe its official release date is the 30th. Normally, Reason focuses on MIDI recording and editing; however, starting with Reason 6, they are combining it with their live audio program, Record, in order to unleash one massive beast to the competetive market of production software. This is fantastic for those just getting started in the music business as well as for those who are not satisfied with their current software.

I had the privilege of being a part of their beta testing program. Now I don't really have time to mess with it, especially because I do not have Record and there are some differences between Reason by itself and the duo program. However, I want this to be my main program in the near future. Why? Not only is Reason extremely easy to use despite its intimidating first appearance, Propellerhead is one of the greatest and most helpful companies I have ever experienced. They constantly make videos and tutorials about their products, as do many of the fans and users, they are willing to work with owners when there is a problem and they have a large selection of samples for those who don't record with their own instruments.

If you are not satisfied with their standard package of samples or have gotten as much use out of it as you will get, they and countless third-party companies offer a wide variety of refills that you can use to continually expand your sample library. Plus, Reason 6 is going to have three new machines to help you enhance or destroy your tracks. No matter how you look at it, Reason 6 will blow you away. One thing I was confused about when beta testing is how to load those machines. Perhaps I was qualified for a version that did not include these instruments, or perhaps it is one of the bugs I need to report. Either way, I cannot wait until the actual version comes out so I be a full time Reason user. Congratulations Propellerhead. Great work on all you do!

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