Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Get Started! - what is this original music blog? who is Nate Combs?

Lately, I have done many google searches with key words such as "original film score blog" or "original video game music blog" and even "original music blog." What comes up is always a real movie, show, game or something like that stating that this is the movie "x" music blog with original songs by famous composer "y." However, I know there are people out there that produce or create great music, suitable for production, whether it is in games, commercials, movies, radio, or the elevator. I was hoping to hear some of their music and perhaps even network with them and share some of my own. Doing this helps us all to expand our ideas of what good music sounds like, it helps us to learn more about what we love, and it definitely helps others to share in the joy our music brings us.

Now while most searches held no fruit and always led me to sites that talked about music already in actual media, I did find some blogs during the "original music blog" search that were blogs made by a single person to share their own music with the world. This is great. I enjoy many of them. Still, it was not what I was looking for. I wanted to find a blog not only with a variety of music or styles, but one that also let outsiders participate. I think it would be pretty sweet even if you do not make music to be able to search for original songs and compositions and find a place good, quality music that sounds just like the stuff you enjoy in every day media. Plus, for those who do not have as much experience in certain areas, you can get great constructive feedback (and opinions) from listeners and other musicians. We all know that some people can be way more honest online than they are to your face. Youtube already has a fantastic songs that I have heard from original authors, but even there, your music can often be missed and overshadowed by other things such as videos, as it is a video site. On that note, something you should not expect to find here => songs that are in your favorite game or movie or show or even from your favorite band or group. Trust me, there plenty of places dedicated to that type of music, as it has already "made it." However, if a song starts here or somewhere else and later makes it big, that's fine.

So, I read the "about me" section, which I do not remember much, probably because it does not say much about you, Nate Combs. Who are you musically? Good question, brain (or future reader). I am a younger (age-wise) musician, but have 2 years of professional experience in recording, production, live playing and that kind of hooplah, around 6 years of recording and production "practice" experience, and, oh I say, 15 years of instrument playing experience, which started with some piano lessons and grew to self-taught keyboard, guitar, drums, and bass (I also once played Train and Jason Mraz on the Ukulele for a day a few months ago). I have been writing, or at least trying to write, beautiful music since before I ever even owned an instrument. Yep, when I was a little kid, I would sit at the pianos in the mall and press the keys in a manner I thought sounded good while trying to imitate automatic pianos. The music has since grown in beauty and professionality. I played some music here and there in youth groups or church recitals and even had my first band, Of Another Calibur, up through high school. Toward the end, I bought a Roland Fantom X6 (great for live stuff, big mistake for trying to produce an entire professional song with nothing else), and my learning and knowledge of the music industry exploded. In college, I started playing for real with groups I met at the University of Central Florida gigs at churches, school, or other local coffee house living room type places. Eventually, I joined a band called DanasĂ© (being a Spanish major showed me how to get those accented letters into pretty much anything, easily). We got one song recorded before I learned how to record a live band myself. Now, I am working on two albums, one for Lennox Zamore in St. Thomas, VI, where much of my family comes from, and one for the band my wife and I recently started, which is called Farewell Debut. In addition to that, I also release one original composition every week on Youtube. Music is always a busy, but wonderful task.

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