Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Big Door About to Open?

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site so far by either interviewing to be a featured artist, viewing the posts, and searching for ways to connect with other musicians! We are starting to increase more rapidly in our view count, and have made the first page of Google searches when people look for a place filled with original music by unique composers.

Aside from all of this, my personal week has been both exciting and tragic - a true adventure. I received loads of bad news, some of which includes my wife and I both losing our main jobs, and some of which I cannot even share. But after the mess of events that occurred during the first part of the week, an extremely happy sequel has been set to take place. It's still in the works, so I can't share all of the details of it yet, due to the chance that it may not amount to as much as we are hoping. Plus, there are things that I do not even know, such as how long it will take. A few weeks, a few months? That's a pretty big difference; but all in all, the news is extremely exciting, and if it goes well for me, perhaps I will be able to help it go well for some of you!! Until then, we can only hope, pray, and work as hard as possible to make all of our dreams a reality. Will your "Big Door" open today?

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