Monday, October 24, 2011

Emine SARI: Singer, Songwriter, Survivor

Emine Sari is a Turkish musician that has a very colorful and beautiful life story. She begin to teach herself the piano and study foreign languages as a young child because she loved music from different cultures  and regions of the world. Emine was diagnosed with blood cancer, also known as leukemia, about 10 years ago and was told she only had a few short months to live. However, she has overcome this cancer and now lives a life freed from the complications and fears of sickness.

During her struggle with cancer, Emine relocated to Japan. This is where her singing career had its birth. She participated and succeeded in various musical competitions and eventually went on tour with Matsumoto Band. Sari has already released one CD, and is currently in the UK working on her newest album.

I was honored to have miss Sari contact me and send her exclusive interview done with KOviedo, and after conversing with her a bit, I was excited to help her cause. Although I did not do my own, typical interview with her, I found out that Emine won a best singer award in Japan and is currently nominated in the UK for more awards, that she adores her fans, loves what family means to her in her life, and used music to make her stronger, even in the most difficult of times. Also, she enjoys smashing together different types of music into her own, unique style, just like me!

Emine Sari sent me her new music video as well as a link to one of her pages, where you can hear the rest of her music. Although I usually post music from YouTube pages, today, I'm going to put the remix of Emine song featured in her music video. Her video is a beautiful ballad that gradually transitions to an 80s-type rock ballad.

The remix of this song has one of the introduces one of the most common beats in the world, and though it can be used for many styles of music, it always reminds me of zouk, soca, and calypso, and playing music with my family and friends when I'm back in the Caribbean. This is fun, and I love fun music, especially from outside of the realm of what I often hear when I'm in the States.

For more of Emine Sari, check out her video, webpage, or music page!

To all composers and original musicians out there: keep on going, and let the stories and success of others inspire you! I once read an article that revealed that the number one cause of failure as a musician is not from lack of talent, but from giving up. Emine Sari still is not quite where she would like to be, but she has already begun to live out her dreams and taste the satisfaction hard work brings by sticking with it even when things felt like they were going nowhere or when it meant spending 10 hours in a studio. Follow your dreams and give it all you've got!

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