Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dorian Pinto: Pianist and Composer

Dorian Pinto, a well-seasoned pianist, has recently begun to share his musical compositions with the world. He includes a deep passion in his music and is always actively engaging in the musical community. Using his computer programs and mixing skills, as many of us do, he is able to create much more than piano compositions. For example, his new score, "Sunset of Water" has a few different sections that, although they are piano-based, include several other orchestral instruments. The beginning section I personally could see in a video game or film, while the other sections I found to be suited more for a video game. However, the whole composition could still fit in many types of movies. Here is what Dorian had to say during his interview:

1) Tell us about yourself:

I'm Dorian Pinto, 20, from France. I worked into the audiovisual industry for 2 years as a sound engineer and now I'm studying at a professional music school in Paris. I've been playing piano for 11 years now, and I also love to discover new instruments to enlarge and diversify my music activities and horizons.

2) You got a bunch of new equipment. Congratulations. What equipment and software are you now using to make your music?

I've recently bought a Fatar Studiologic VMK-188 Plus, a great midi controller I've been using for several weeks now. I also use Cubase 5 to record my compositions and various libraries like Komplete 7 from Native Instruments, Best Service Galaxy II, Spectrasonics Trilogy and Drums of War Vol 1 & 2. I'm really proud of that configuration as it sounds really great.

3) How long have you been composing?

Well, I've been composing for 5 years, since 2006. I really enjoy composing different stuff like alarming/mysterious themes but also beautiful, relaxing and aerial themes. To make this clear, I really like to explore different moods in my compositions, I want people to feel what I feel when I write. I really want them to imagine a scene where the music could match perfectly and make them feel authentic, deep, heart-rooted sensations. That's what I'm trying to do.

4) What are your goals as a musician?

My ultimate goal as a composer would be to work for famous composers like Nathan Barr (composer for HBO's True Blood), or Daniel Licht (composer for Showtime's Dexter). I really love their way to compose music and to make people feel and believe what's on screen. There is such sensitivity and originality in those soundtracks; it influenced me directly to compose and create my own tracks. Finally, my goal would be to be recognized as a professional composer, and create original soundtracks for movies, TV shows or TV advertising spots.

5) What advice do you have for other musicians?

If music is your passion like it is mine, never give up on the way you chose. Life is short, so you have to think about a path and do everything to make it real. Follow your dreams and try to put them into your reality. Never give up. I think that's the point there, especially in that domain.

6) Random thoughts:

Feel free to check my channel and listen to the rest of my music. I recommend "Under the Bed" and "River Theme" if you like relaxing film music and "A Stranger in the House", "Kruger Street" or "Fear in Sunday Clothes" if you like anguish/mysterious kind of film music.

- Well, just know that several compositions will be available soon, I'll try to keep my Youtube Channel updated really often, even if I'm also working, but I'll definitely find time to compose more original soundtracks, so please follow me, check out my channel, and thanks for support ! Oh.. last thing. If you wish to make some collaborative songs (if you are a singer for example), don't hesitate to contact me on my channel or on my mailbox : doriansoundmusic@hotmail.fr

My thoughts on the interview:

That is great that you were able to work in the industry and get some active experience as an engineer working with others. Not many people have that opportunity. Discovering new instruments is a great way to make songs you never thought you would be able to compose.

Getting people to feel something while they listen to your music really shows that you put your heart into it. Your themes do just that!

Composing for a TV show would be a great honor, and if you don't give up, you can get there eventually. You are well on your way to becoming a professional composer, and your excitement, passion, and active personality will only help you get there faster.

For more of Dorian's music, contact him or view his channel here.

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