Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guy Bidois: Composer and Outdoorsman

Guy comes from the island nation of New Zealand. There, he studies music of both English and Japanese styles, and he is very ambitious to pursue a lifelong career in music at many different levels. Sakura reminds me of the title screen for a tactics RPG made by Square-Enix. It also reminds me of the game Baten Kaitos, which is what a lot of my own music reminds me of... except Guy's music is a little more peaceful :p I always respect musicians that can compose a song without percussion.

1) Tell us about yourself (name, age, country of origin, current country, schooling, etc.) Kia Ora, my name is Guy Bidois-Kelly. I'm 19 years old and from New Zealand- Maori decent. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Majoring in Composition) at the University of Auckland. I grew up in a town called Rotorua. Music pretty much entered my life randomly...

2) What equipment and programs do you use to make your music?

Some alcohol and a free day of thinking :P, Oh but I do use Sibelius 6 to get the final pieces done. I really would like Logic Pro to make more professional sounding tracks. I also use a handheld recorder to record Guitar pieces.

3) If you could travel to one place to gain musical inspiration and write for a week, where would it be?Maybe somewhere in Spain, or the most remote place from reality. But pretty much anywhere outside, as long as I have my Guitar with me.

4) Who has inspired or influenced your style?
Joaquin Rodrigo and Nobuo Uematsu definitely started everything for me. Without those two I probably would not of started to composed music or even think I could pursue Music as a career. Some other names that deserve recognition would be Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, Nujabes, Andy Mckee and Don Ross. Those Composers/Artists are who I look up to greatly.

5) What musical goals do you have set for the future?

My Musical Goals for the future would be to finish University, become a Music teacher for a few years, then I would like to travel and Compose my first Guitar Concerto. Then maybe take a crack at the Video Game Music Industry to do some freelance work.

6) Random thoughts:
My music teacher in high school told me, Never ever be close minded when it comes to music. I still follow her advice and will continue to. Now some words of wisdom from me....Keep composing music that makes you feel good; if your feeling down, compose something so sad that your own feelings become minimized.


For more of Guy's music and some of his outdoor playing, visit his Youtube channel here.

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