Saturday, September 10, 2011

Original Bands and New Music

I have been working on a side project for quite a while now. The band is called Farewell Debut. I wish we had more time to write and work, but life is busy. However, we have gotten a few songs together and recorded a couple of them. Our new single should be done by next week, which means it will be my weekly Youtube post instead of a production track.

In fact, now that there are a few production songs on the blog, as well as a list of interviews yet to come, I may seek out different singers and groups to promote sooner than expected. Or... I could perhaps set aside a second blog for live music and reserve this one for production tracks alone. Either way, I am meeting some fantastic musicians from all around the world. Literally. In the first three weeks, I interviewed people from New Zealand, California, the UK, New Jersey, and Florida. While three of those places are in the US, they are from distinct (and popular) corners. Music is exciting.

As always, check back for constant updates, interviews, and most importantly, original music from ordinary people. Also, you can access my songs and Youtube channel at any time by clicking any of the Youtube videos in the bar at the top of the screen.

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