Thursday, September 22, 2011

Passion for Music

Lately, I have been meeting even more musicians. The passion and excitement we all share for different types of music is both encouraging and invigorating. All around the world, composers are starting to do what makes them happy...what sounds good to them, rather than trying impress people with music that did not interest them in the first place. They are putting their hearts into their productions and becoming more creative, regardless of whether they ever see a dime for their work.

In addition, there are many people out there who are beginning to bridge cultural gaps and combine types of music to represent their cities and the people in them. I had the privilege of traveling to Miami, Florida this past weekend to visit a place called Miami Vineyard Church. They were celebrating the release of their new album, Miami Vineyard Live and threw a concert for anyone who wanted to attend. They revealed that they went from only playing standard American rock-type music to learning styles such as salsa, gospel, funk and caribbean styles of music in just a few years. Many of their songs combined lyrics in English and Spanish to create the "Miami style" or "Miami voice."

I myself, having grown up with five different cultures know all about combining styles. It can seem scary or strange to people who are not used to it, but it excites me, and I have made many compositions over the years that combine styles you would not ever think of combining in a way that they are not usually combined. I haven't released many of them yet, but one, called Heaven's Judgment, combines hardcore music with a hip-hop beat. However, unlike groups that rap over rock music or add guitars to a dirty south beat, I keep these styles separate for a surprising twist. In fact, a group of people and I may perform it in a show later this month. It's on my Youtube channel, but here it is now:

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