Monday, September 12, 2011

Matt Poirier: Composer of Bright and Cheerful Music

Matt Poirier is a young, outgoing American guy that has a passion for video games and the beautiful variety of music found in them. As he continues to grow and write, Matt aspires to eventually become a professional composer for the industry. "Gardens," the song above reminds me of more than just a video game track; I could easily see this in a movie as well. Yep, one that stars Jim Carey and has something to do with a hilarious adventure he and his family have in 90 minutes. This song would go well as the movie's opening scene. Of course, there are several types of video games this could be added to to lighten a tense mood. I interviewed Matt last week and here is what he had to say:

1) Tell us about yourself
Hello, my name is Matt Poirier. I'll be 19 this November (2011). I currently live in California, US. I create music as a hobby for now, but hope to someday compose for role-playing video games. I've composed music for one (puzzle) game so far called Octix (The Octix Theme is on my YouTube channel). Hopefully in the future we'll see more games with my music.

2) Why did you start making music?

It's something that I enjoy and makes me happy. That's the simple answer. But I didn't start composing music out of the blue! It was a gradual process. My interest for music is ever-expanding...

3) What are your favorite styles to create?
Right now I adore orchestral music. I'll occasionally dabble into electronic music and mix the two genres.

4) Where do you get your inspiration from? Video game music mostly, but sometimes I'll unconsciously memorize a tune or rhythmic pattern from film or popular music, and that influences the music that I create. Artists I admire include Imogen Heap, Inon Zur, & Laura Karpman to name a few.

5) What advice would you give to other musicians?

I'm still learning myself, so I don't have much elbow room to advise. But if there's one thing I would say it would be: Do what makes you happy.

6) What equipment and software do you use?
Equipment: Just a computer and a mouse
DAW Software: FL Studio.
Primary VST: Symphonic Orchestra Gold by EastWest & Quantum Leap.

7) Random thoughts: Thanks Nate!

You're very welcome, Matt. For more of his orchestral and electronic creations visit his Youtube channel here.

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