Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sabrina Valenzuela: Musician, Gamer, YouTuber

Sabrina Valenzuela is a singer, songwriter, and song coverer from the UK. In addition to doing covers of popular English songs, she also does covers in Japanese! Impressive. I tried learning Japanese as a child... It just didn't quite work out then. She also does vlogs to keep her fans updated and talk about her interests and hobbies. Along the way is one of Sabrina's originals that has a fantastic groove during the verses and a great lead part as well. In fact, this song reminds me of one of those rare English songs that are used in video games. It could also be a radio hit, easily. If anyone is wondering why her title is in quotation marks, it's because I took it from her YouTube page (thanks Sabrina). I figured, hey, it's better than the one I came up with, and fits perfectly, so why not keep it the same. I interviewed Sabrina a while back, and here is what she had to say:

1) Tell us about yourself:

Hey there everyone! My name is Sabrina Valenzuela, I'm 21 years young and a singer/songwriter from London :)

2) How long have you been singing?
I've been singing since I was 15. It started off as a casual hobby of mine, and I was inspired by great vocalists such as Celine Dion. I aspired to one day sing with such great vocal technique and confidence, so I began taking singing lessons during my teenage years.

3) What instruments do you play?
I usually play and compose my songs on the guitar, which happens to be my favourite instrument. But I have dabbled in playing other instruments such as the ukulele and piano. I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself creatively.

4) What are your musical goals and where do you want to end up?
My main musical goal has always been to reach out to people and connect, and for others to feel that they can relate to my lyrics and songs. My dreams have grown over time, and my musical inspirations are endless. I work towards one day becoming a professional recording artist either within the pop genre, or singing for video games.

5) Who do you admire? (can be musical or not, I saw on your page you like video games, Japan, etc.)
I admire video game soundtracks, and I am inspired by the art form of storytelling, visuals and music combined. I also admire the sounds of different languages and enjoy learning of other cultures. For that reason I am often caught singing in other languages, such as Japanese! I am inspired by good food, haha! Come on, no one can be inspired on an empty stomach! :)

6) What advice do you have for aspiring singers and songwriters?
First of all, don't doubt yourself or your abilities, or else you'll give others a reason to doubt you too. Secondly, remember to always have your listeners in mind. They are your audience, and one of the most important aspects of your musical journey. Without them you wouldn't progress, so appreciate them <3

7) Random thoughts:

Cup of tea anyone? :D

My thoughts on the interview:

Keep practicing; you'll get to that level if you never give up. You already have a successful channel on YT, and it will only continue to grow as you learn new techniques and release more songs!

I love playing the guitar and piano as well... but drums are my favorite. I played the ukelele once in my entire life... does that count? :) I did manage to pull off two entire songs (by Train and Jason Mraz, of course, what else could I play with such little experience!)

Helping and connecting to people is a must... eventually you will need help, and if people remember your kindness, they will help you in return. That's actually my biggest non-musical dream... as far as singing goes, I'd say you have a shot in both the video game and pop worlds.

Great advice for all of us, Sabrina!

And yes, I could use a nice cup of lemongrass tea... though I'm sure Caribbean and English teas are quite different!

For more of Sabrina's music, vlogs, and her cheerful personality, visit her YouTube page here.

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